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X-Protect Cover for CTL J2 / J4 / J4 Plus Chromebooks

$ 30.00

The X-Protect(tm) Cover for the CTL J-Series Chromebooks (J2 / J4 / J4 Plus) is an innovative pressure-resistant cover that doubles as a whiteboard!

  • The X-Protect(tm) cover protects the top of the device, where most breaks happen. With reinforced corners and the ultra-protective cover that shields from pressure, CTL J-Series Chromebooks with X-Protect cover are 90% less likely to break due to force from the top. Chromebooks with the X-Protect cover have been tested to withstand 365 pounds of pressure, with no damage incurred. We know that kids are some of the most rigorous product testers around, so be sure to protect your Chromebook investment with the X-Protect cover.
  • The X-Protect cover also doubles as a whiteboard!

*Patent Pending